Tuesday, May 3, 2011

William's May 3rd Letter

2011 May 3
My week's been pretty awesome so far. It was cool; we got some stuffed animals for some families we teach.  We met people from Frankfurt and someone who served in Frankfurt, which is cool! We have as Pepperidge Farm factory and a caspers factory too! We went to the bulk shop and got some Tim tams and a cloud nine... I ate cloud nine. On Wednesday we went to the firehouse( a pizza place) Our MP was buying, I got some red cream soda, which tastes like liquid red vines, drinks are free if you buy pizza on Wednesdays. So we’re eating and a lady gave the mission president a 20 dollar bill and said he should use it because she had a son on a mission and wanted us to be well cared for. He said to us he would use it as the tip. Then the waitress came, asked if we wanted anything else... and told President someone had already picked up the check. OH his face was hilarious!! So we finished and he just threw the 20 on the pizza pan as the tip. He’s great. Thursday was busy; we see lots of pelicans down here. I got to ride in a 2009 Camaro!!We went 100 miles an hour for about 30 seconds but it was still cool!  Kendra’s got so big so fast it’s only been a 2 months since I saw her last! She has grown so much! Love the area here, I’ve gone on exchanges so many times with the DL comp, he’s cool. He is from Texas.  We met a girl from there and his accent came right back! he he he. Friday was cool; we’ve had a person cancel on us 4 times in a row!!! and we lost 4 dates in 3 days, Oh my GEE (my mtc expression) me  and my com[ get frustrated over it but I guess will just have to get them back. Hay does Annette have Moser relatives in Utah? There are some here and I just wondered if there is a relation. We’re teaching a few Indians, it’s cool, and a born again Christian. Elder Barney found a clone doll he thought was super old, he knows about these things (yardsaler) and totally trussed that theory. But it’s still pretty cool, high quality porcelain face hands and feet! I’ve seen a fox. I don't remember if I told you but it was awesome! I missed the picture though. Thanks for the pics I’ll send you some. Saturday we had a great day slow but fun none the less, working on my puzzle its coming along!! Sunday we went to sacrament meeting with an investigator who’s going to get baptized this month by her husband, its weird she’s my same age..... but hay teach all. AUSTIN GOT BAPTISED!!!! Yeah, now we just need to convert his mom and get his dad back into the church. The latter is just going to take time the former probably going to be obscenely difficult. We got some slumgalion it’s a fruit cake type thing or more a cobbler. Here’s something funny, Brian Reagan joke on you to" it was great we were leaving a lesson and are fellowshipper was with us, the investigator said “drive safe!” and he said “You too”. It was so hard not to laugh! This place is awesome!

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