Tuesday, September 20, 2011

William's September 20th Letter with Pictures

 2011 September 20
 I have had a great week this week.  We had transfers and I got Elder Flake who is from Camano Island WA. He is a cool guy; I like him a lot so far. We are related threw William Jordan Flake. Every one asks if he is from Snow Flake AZ. I love this area; we had to set up a few lessons and the Spaniards moved in so we moved our desks into our room. We had zone study, and met a lot of auxiliaries, went to ward parties took old fashion pictures, and we cleaned up our books got everything organized and started finding our way around. We have had a few lessons and will be getting new investigators, we have had fun with the new set up, and finally got our drier plugged in, which is good because we have been worried about it. I am giving a talk this Sunday in Park Valley; use Google Earth to find it and see how far away it is from Deweyville where I live now, amazing! I love my mission and have had some great times. I love you lots.  Have a great week!
Elder Divis

 Elder Zacherson and Elder
 Jadin's Baptism
Elder Divis, Cody, Elder Koozer

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