Wednesday, March 16, 2011

William's first week at the MTC

William and his Mom
William and his Dad
William on his way
Laura and Trissa before William went into the MTC
 Kendra Laura William Trissa Gavin
William, Grandpa and Grandma

William at the MTC

Jim and I took William to the Spokane airport Tuesday March 8th for his 1:05 flight to Salt Lake City.  His sister Laura picked him up and then waited for his other sister, Trissa, to arrive at the airport. They were able to spend the rest of the day together and the next morning before going to their Grandma and Grandpa Chipman's house who inturn took William to the MTC.
2011 March 11
Dear Parents,
I’m sending some things the MTC has ask to have done.  So far it’s great.  I have a foreign companion, Elder Swartzberg.  He is great; it is like having me on my team!  The districts is great, almost all of us are going to Ogden.  Another foreign elder has already served for 3 months in his home country.  It is so much fun.  The food is great!  Please send back requested information.  I’ll write more on P day.
Love you

2011 March15
Yes my birthday was memorable; an overload of spiritual information, but it was nice. The MTC is great it's like camp only you can take showers and sleep on beds. I had to by some shampoo because I forgot mine, and I bought myself some b day presents so don't worry about that. The food is mostly good some things leave something to be desired but it’s ok. I put it in my gray back pack it’s on top of everything of mine down under my stuff is on the left.  It should be in one of the side pockets but it might be in the big one. I leave on the 29th. Elder Swartsberg is from Canada. I sent you a letter with my MTC address in it and something the MTC wants is coming too, should be there first, the number on the pink sheet is a fax number. I love you guys too, and I m glad Alan and his family are safe. \
Love, Will

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