Tuesday, November 15, 2011

William's November 15th Letter

2011 November 15
My week was good. I made pizza for the family we live with. We got some new investigators, and had a marvelous time at church. We got a new car, the newest car in the mission, so we're excited for that. We've had a great time this transfer.  We have had good successes. I like this area, although Ogden is different then other places, lots of people have been bringing up what I want to do after the mission, and I don't know! They are so strange down here in Utah. Not bad but everyone is interested in how long you’ve been out and if you’re under a year it’s like you have forever to go, and if your over its right around the corner. I started say I was close to a year out, and everyone wants to know what I am doing when I get home even though I have a long time! So I am going to tell them 8 months again. It's nice to be with Elder Zachreson again, president wants me to take a social skills class, so I agreed to do it. It should be fun to take, it's once a week through December. There was something else.... well I can't remember. A stupor of thought has caused that. But everyone loved the BBQ chicken pizza I made. Our apartment is small but nice; I live up above the garage. ha ha ha ha. The apartment is above the member’s garage and pool house. I feel sorry for the elders who are here during the summer. Oh and I discovered the DI is amazing! I love you guys lots and I’ll send you pictures when I get my cera back.

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