Tuesday, December 6, 2011

William's December 6th Letter

2011 December 6, 2011
My week has been great. We have had excellent lessons. We had dinner with an investigator the lesson after was excellent, she just needs to go to church three times with her dad and they both can be baptized. Another one should be baptized this week; hopefully he will stay active after words. His family isn't the most spiritual, although they cleaned their house this last week so it's easier to feel the spirit. we have to get some other ones in the family to get the importance, his family gets that it's good but the dad is (step dad) helpful in getting him to church. The family we are teaching can feel the spirit, although they think the house is possessed. But they will be baptized soon if we can extend a commitment. Other than that most of them are looking up in prospects and circumstance. We have had fun helping our land lord put up lights, and we had a wind storm, 80 miles an hour in some places “weber state university" was bad, they had 5 people hospitalized for it, and windows broke, it was bad, luckily we had mission conference that day and we were all fine. It's been fun; Zachreson is moving, I am getting Elder Daily. He sounds good but I don't know him that well. I think it's been amazing.
Love you lots.

We saw the sheriffs’ office break open a door to investigate a crime. ... We picked up a phone someone dropped and well it seems that it might be evidence or something. We were confused at first but they let us go. We had just got out of a lesson and were walking to the car, we picked up a phone on our way to the car and we tried to call the owner but the battery died and the bill wasn’t paid so we called the number saved as mom. My companion talked to her, and then we watched the sheriff investigation.  we walked up to them and they asked us questions and told us we were good and thanked us then told us we could go home. So that was our most interesting thing about the week.

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