Wednesday, May 25, 2011

William's May 24th Letter

2011 May 24
Yeah, there is a little flooding, seems weird. Do you know where your water is coming from?
My week has been fun. I met some people from Spokane, they actually know where I am from, they have family up there, and one is the nephew of Benny. You know the guy who owns Bennys?  It’s cool out here though, we had a great week I finished my puzzle, picked up a few dates, went in a parade and placed over 300 pass-along cards! That’s over 300 contacts! It was awesome!! Oh yeah let Mariah know that ocarina is being re done. I am not positive on this as I am on my mission and its second hand information. We go on splits as often as possible. We try for 6 a week. Yeah I take pictures on p day and baptisms. We are having good success here but not.
Sorry left some stuff out, any way it’s not all fun and games, there are some setbacks, like people back out. Apart from that it’s cool. I mean our entire zone contacted one guy! sweeet! We gave him a blessing and made his day

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