Friday, January 4, 2013

William's January 3rd Letter

It has been a good week. We got moved into a new apartment and received a few referrals and have been able to set things up, we will get a car soon and our phone works. We have interviews with the president tomorrow, actually as today is Wednesday. Since we didn't have whole lot to do as it was difficult to get anywhere not much excitement happened other New Year’s and getting just the right amount of new socks so I can get rid of the holey ones, sad they seem a little scared to discard.... We have met a few new people and have had a few fun things happen, the most important being the move and a rather good discussion on commitment.  My District leader is very good, and we have been living with him a while now.  His companion was born in schrelanca and had come to learn English threw the Book of Mormon and receive a testimony of its worth. He has read it 80-some times. It’s been a good week and I love you lots!

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