Tuesday, February 5, 2013

William's February 5 Letter

2013 Feb 5
Well as stated, I do need to read my letters before I send them. I hope I do a better job here. I had lost track of birthdays out here.  It’s crazy how much time has gone by. The past week we had terrible weather, so we did not get much done.  I am staying in Willard (still no car) with Elder Knittle, a hard worker, a little like my old companion Elder Maynez, who is now my zone leader! So exiting. We have gotten quite few return appointments and work is coming to us as we go and visit people. We get dropped off in a ward to tract a little bit in that ward till dinner. Not the most effective way to teach but we are getting quite few results from it. Brother Daines(?) says hi, we going to be teaching some people with his help. His daughter is going into the MTC when I go home. Elder Gingrich went home with Elder Henthorn, two of my favorite missionaries, but we had a good experience before he went. (Henthorne) We went to his brother in law’s baptism, and he and his brother (who had been less active for years before his brother entered the mission) bore testimony and gave encouragement to those people there. It was very spiritual; we are having good success here. Love you lots!

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