Tuesday, February 19, 2013

William's February 19 Letter

My week was actually pretty good. We got a car, and an apartment. The car is amazing! It has blue tooth and a usb and aux and it is awesome! I can't drive it but it is amazing. The apartment is a little office on a farm.  We live next to buffalo and a water piping company, and I have no Idea what the address is, just down the road from Brother Daines, well not really if you remember on your way up to his house you see the farm to the west of the highway there just a small one. That’s where we live now. We got in contact with our investigators and the less actives we are working with. We had several good lessons where people have expressed desire to come back to church. We have had many good experiences and have been asked to give talks. We are working with a family that is coming back to church, we don't have many investigators as it were but we are working with lots of people now. I am sad to hear of Nicole’s passing, send much love and condolences, I will miss her. Well not much else to report on.   Love you lots!

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