Tuesday, March 5, 2013

William's Last Letter

2013 March 5
Our week was busy, my companion had little wisdom in scheduling but it worked out nearly perfectly, I have had just enough to pack and organize all the miscellaneous accumulation of stuff, and all my other things of import. Today is busy also but at the end I am going to see Ashleigh Lish who was formerly Ashleigh Beard, who I baptized over a year ago which is great. We have a lot of appointments come up, and I will be inviting people to meet at my departing missionary fireside which if any one who lives in the general vicinity can come 1465 E 4600 S Ogden 7:00 tomorrow evening. Just a general thing if anyone is going to be in this vicinity. Well not much else has been outstanding, my companion had his birthday yesterday I set up a surprise and set up president coming.  It was fun.  Well I don't have any special requests, I don't really know.  I just ask as we go on Thursday, maybe some superhero movies and that, but nothing that I could think of specific to that day. Well I love you lots see you in 49 hours! (Barring any unforeseen events)

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